The Attribute affiliate program requires:
  • Usage of a powerful traditional web analytics system which supports (research in-progress).
    • Anonymization of IP addresses in analytics database.
    • Cookieless tracking (server side).
    • Implementation of fraud detection systems.
      • Double dipping
      • Misrepresentation
      • Commission theft
      • Data manipulation
  • A custom affiliate dashboard where affiliates can:
    • Evaluation of open data vs. affiliate-only (dApp login with wallet)
    • Campaign link management (updating of parameters/addresses)
    • View analytics / performance in near real-time
    • View payments
    • Inject retargeting scripts into landing pages.
    • Build campaign links with preset utm parameters.
  • Smart contract for automated payments.
    • Ability to update the contract if required.
  • Compliance due diligence if smart contract based payments.
  • Landing pages with events, mutlivariate, a/b testing implemented.
  • Education of the affiliate program tools, methods, opportunities.
  • Distribution / promotion of the affiliate program.